Erastes Shorts Programme

Although we know the term ‘erastes’ in ancient Athens from its use for male couples we will use the term in its more modern sense of Lovers. This is our Heteroflexible programme! Singles, Couples and Threesomes of all sorts celebrate sensuality and sex.

Το θέμα του προγράμματος είναι το Heteroflexible: ας διασκεδάσουμε τον ερωτισμό και το σεξ, μόνοι, σε ζευγάρια ή και τρεις-τρεις.

1.  Adorn. (2018) Dir. Jennifer Lyon Bell NL 27:59 (No dialogue)

Starring: Sadie Lune, Parker Marx

A game. Can you figure out the rules? Είναι ένα παιχνίδι. Μπορείς να βρεις τους κανόνες του;

2.  Be Brief (2019) Dir. Werther Germondari IT 03:21 (No Dialogue)

Starring: Marta Rot, Werther Germondari

Good neighbours have shared tastes. Οι καλοί γείτονες έχουν κοινά ενδιαφέροντα.

3. Linger (2017) Dir. Ms. Naughty AU 08:06 (Eng with eng subs)

Starring: Parker Marx,Kali Sudhra

Friends Kali and Parker take a risk and decide to make out for the first time. An incredibly sensual and slow encounter unfolds in which every breath and every moment is savoured. Linger celebrates taking your time and the joy of slow discovery.

Δύο φίλοι αποφασίζουν να κάνουν φάση, αργά και χαλαρά!

4. Warm (2019) Dir Matock. FR 04:54 (Eng text)

Starring: Matock , Zoé Gold

Warm uses a thermal camera for a pornographic and aesthetic experience. The thermal images could be related to the “obscene”: it allows you to see even deeper in the bodies, what you can’t see with the eye: the flows, the warmth….

Μια θερμική κάμερα μας πάει πιο βαθιά στην πορνογραφική εμπειρία.

5. Cheap Hookers (2020) Dir. Rosario Gallardo. IT 14:46 (Italian with eng subs)

Main Performers/Actors: Tigrotto, Rosario Gallardo

Three porn directors meet at the Berlin Porn Film Festival and decide to perform a cam show in a hotel room. No one tips the show. They guess if, to save the value of the show, it’s worth to avoid sex but they would lose sex and money this way…

Τρεις σκηνοθέτες πορνό συναντιούνται στο φεστιβάλ πορνό του Βερολίνου και αποφασίζουν να κάνουν ένα cam show στο δωμάτιο του ξενοδοχείου τους.

6. Trinity (2016) Dir. Ms. Naughty AU 05:51 (Eng with eng subs)

Starring:  Parker Marx, Lina Bembe, Rooster X-Ray

“Sometimes in a relationship you need to shake things up a bit.” A couple invite a third partner into their bed for an afternoon of experimentation. They share playful, intimate and intense moments in a bisexual threesome – but not everything is as it seems.

Ένα ζευγάρι καλεί έναν τρίτο στο κρεβάτι τους για πειραματισμούς.

7. Ourboros (2018) Dr. Dwam Ipomée GER 08:20 (No Dialogue)

Starring: Dante Dionys, Bishop Black, Dwam Ipomée

Bishop, Dante and Dwam in a cycle of fluid power dynamics.
As the alchemical ouroboros serpent eating its own tail, the integration and assimilation of the opposites, the beginning and the end, an eternal circle of pleasure. Three persons of different genders, a triangular reciprocality of sexual push and pull, rough and tender threesome, fighting, playing, switching.

Το αλχημικό φίδι ouroboros τρώει την ουρά του, η προσάρτηση των αντιθέτων, η αρχή και το τέλος, ένας ατελείωτος κύκλος ηδονής.

8. GUSH (2019) Dir. Kate Sinclaire CAN 13:59 (Eng with eng subs)

Starring: Ciel

Can men squirt?  Ciel will show you how in this new docuporn from Cine Sinclaire. Μπορούνε οι άντρες να κάνουνε squirt; Ο Σιελ θα σας δείξει πως.

9. La Cuisine (2020) Dir. Carmina FRA 13:34 (French with eng subs)

Starring : June Fontaine, Divine Putain

La cuisine is the second part of June and Divine’s BDSM Trilogy. In this episode, June and Divine, a real life queer couple, decide to make breakfast in the kitchen after having spent all morning in bed having sex. But before the coffee is even ready, Divine decides he wants something else and starts taking care of June, playing with her using every tool he can get his hands on in the drawers or the counters. La Cuisine is a different take on BDSM porn, stripped from its classic decor and accessories, baring it down to just sex, kinky, intimate and raw. French cuisine at its best!

Η Κουζίνα είναι ένα διαφορετικό BDSM πορνό, απογυμνωμένο από τα κλασικά του εργαλεία και χώρους. Η γαλλική κουζίνα στα καλύτερά της.