Lysistrata Shorts Programme

Lysistrata is an ancient Greek comedy heroine who starts a sex strike in order to put an end to the Peloponnesian wars. She is therefore our patron of ownership of one’s own female sexuality. This is a selection of short films with female sexuality at its core. Some cocks may appear but this is really all about CUNT! 

Κάποιοι πούτσοι μπορεί να εμφανιστούν σε αυτό το πρόγραμμα αλλά εδώ κάνει κουμάντο το ΜΟΥΝΙ.

1. Sunlight (2019) Dir. Thousand Faces UK 12:22 (No dialogues)

Starring: Eryn Rose and Marcus Quillan

A smorgasbord of Vegan Eco Food-Porn, the first part of our Taste & Flow series showcases leafy lust, floral fuckery, and sun-dappled sex smothered in fruits, juices, and smoothies. There’s something about a substance on the tongue, the feel and texture of something consumable in our mouths, that is hot as hell and cool as heaven. Liquid in slow motion is intrinsically sensual and all the more alluring when it evokes our inner workings and gut desires, especially when in alignment with the natural world.

Ένα τραπέζι από βίγκαν οικολογικό food-porn: υγρά σε αργή κίνηση.

2. Love Your Cunt (2019) Dir. altSHIFT ES 12:19 (English with eng subs)

Starring: Kali Sudhra and Ivy de Luna

Every cunt is different and we’re sick of vagina owners only seeing one portrayal in mainstream media so we’re here to say ‘Love your cunt!  Love it if it’s hairy; love it if it’s shaved. Love it if your lips swing low or if they’re all shy and tucked away.’ Not one cunt is the same. Don’t let anyone tell you how your cunt should look. Don’t let anyone tell you how your cunt should feel. Your cunt isn’t on trial, your cunt is the fucking judge!

Το μουνί σου δεν είναι ο κατηγορούμενος, το μουνί είναι ο γαμημένος δικαστής!

3. Tidal (2017) Dir. Dwam Ipomée GER 07:04 (No dialogue)

Starring: Solwenn, Dante Dionys, Fennel, Duchesse, Carmina, Lilith Jovian

We like the idea of abandon : of being overwhelmed, of letting go, totally willingly and serenely. Abandon and passivity are too often confused, or associated with submissiveness , however they are very different states, with different power dynamics. Here is abandon with Solwenn, ebbing and flowing with the tide, an asmr of hands and skin for creatures ruled by the moon and the sea. 

Αφέσου σε πλάσματα του φεγγαριού και της θάλασσας.

4. In My Chamber (2020) Dir. Blanca ReyGal MEX 06:46 (No dialogue)

Starring: Yoftka

Driven by the lust of her own image on the screen, Yoftka makes of her room a temple of freedom to evoque her sexuality as she pleases, just as any other girl in her room.

Η κρεβατοκάμαρα ενός κοριτσιού είναι ο ναός της.

5.  Romy & Laure… and the Secret of the Moveable Man (2019) Dir. Romy Alizée & Laure Giappiconi FRA 06:30 (French with eng subs)

Starring: Romy Alizée, Laure Giappiconi, Hervé Haine

The big bad wolf hides in the woods. Stay home, girls! says the fairy tale. But what if the predator was to appear in the intimacy of the bedroom and young women knew exactly how to defend their territory? A modern tale for adults composed by more than a hundred of analog photographs. “Between sophisticated gang bangs with their BFF, occasional wrapped up boys, and Amazonian.

 Ένα παραμύθι για ενήλικες φτιαγμένο από εκατοντάδες αναλογικές φωτογραφίες.

6. Hydra (2019) Dir. Four Chambers UK 16:09 (No dialogue)

Starring: Rae, Lupa & Vex

The act of penetration at its core is invasion, sometimes intensely and acutely desired and begged for and sometimes more complex. The sensation is intense and can be entirely changeable depending on the context in which the act takes place. This film is about invading and consuming. The monotonous, sterile mechanics of the fuck machine is hypnotic, the unwavering noise and repetition of movement that’s entirely oblivious to desire or want.

Η δυναμική της διείσδυσης είναι τόσο πολύπλοκη όσο είναι και η Ύδρα.

7. Ritual Waves (2019) Dir. Lina Bembe GER 04:56 (No dialogue)

Starring: Lina Bembe

A film centered in ritualistic practices of healing through sexual agency. Ritual Waves claims for a space of introspection and celebration through autoeroticism, with water as an element of strength, depth and resilience through fluidity.

Το νερό είναι στοιχείο δύναμης, βάθους και ελαστικότητας.

8. Dank Domination (2019) Dir. Daemon Derriere, Dom Razberry USA 04:20 (No dialogue)

Starring: Dom Razberry , Daemon Derriere

Having fun in nature with all that nature can provide. Γαμήσι, χασίσι κι επιστροφή στη φύση.

9. Veux Moi (2018) Dir. Biche de Ville BEL 14:37 (French with eng subs)

Starring: Biche de Ville, Gregorio Sicurezza

A poetic journey through a woman’s head as she goes through sexual and emotional trials. Spirit, sex and heart confront each other and mix in a verbal logorrhea.

Ένα ποιητικό ταξίδι μέσα στο κεφάλι μιας γυναίκας καθώς περνά σεξουαλικές και συναισθηματικές δοκιμές.