Euphrosyne Shorts Programme

Euphrosyne was one of the three Graces and she is the goddess of good cheer, mirth, merriment and joy.  This selection of shorts brings out the fun and joyful side of sexuality. Because, even though we take our porn seriously, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a laugh!

Αν και παίρνουμε το πορνό μας σοβαρά, αυτό δεν σημαίνει ότι ξεχνάμε να γελάμε!

1.The Melita Show The Movie (2019) Dir. Menelas. GRE 11:32 (Gre/Eng with eng/gre subs)

Starring: Melita Scabeau, Fluffy the dog

Raw footage from Τhe Melita Show (coming soon).  In this episode Melita presents an ancient Greek shaman wish-spell. Σε αυτό το επεισόδιο η Μελίτα μας παρουσιάζει ένα αρχαίο σαμάνικο ευχητάρι.

2. Happy Hour (2019) Dir. Werther Germondari IT 02:19 (No dialogue)

Starring: Dave (The Queer Slave)

How to play with your nuts during relaxing aperitif time. Πως να χαλαρώσετε μόνοι σας την ώρα του απεριτίφ.

3. Sexplorer (2020) Dir. Diego Tigrotto IT 20:00 (Italian with eng subs)

Starring: Mirko Dettori, Colonnello Fernandez

Xavier Mc Hool, a sex anthropologist goes around the World discovering habits and practices of various cultures. Finally, after years of research, he launches the discovery of the Pohornys, a population that performs eco-sexual rituals in remote woods.

Ο Ξαβιέρ Μακχούλ, ένας σεξοανθρωπολόγος γυρνάει τον κόσμο ανακαλύπτοντας ήθη και έθιμα διαφόρων πολιτισμών.

4. The Pizza Topping (2019) Dir. Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell GER 03:42 (Eng with eng subs)

Starring: dot bat, Ethan

A horny pizza orders up a hungry boy. Μια καυλωμένη πίτσα παραγγέλνει ένα πεινασμένο αγόρι.

5. Intoxicate Yourself (2018) Dir. Jo Pollux, Theo Meow, Candy Flip GER 05:35 (Eng with eng subs)

Starring: Candy Flip, Jo Pollux, Theo Meow

French poet Charles Baudelaire was convinced: “You must always intoxicate yourself! With wine, poetry, art – as you will.” Following his command, the queer performers Candy Flip, Jo Pollux and Theo Meow got naked & high – and created their very own interpretation of a smoking fetish film.

«Πρέπει πάντα να μεθάμε! Με κρασί, ποίηση και τέχνη-όπως θέλουμε» Σαρλ Μπωντλαίρ.

6. Camera and I (2020) Dir. Shine Louise Houston USA 14:02 (Eng with eng subs)

Starring: Jasko Fide, Shine Louise Houston

Make love to the camera! The distinctions between the 4th wall and the gaze are blurred as the camera explores new facets of its own vision in this quirky yet sexy short film by Shine Louise Houston starring Jasko Fide. “Camera and I” is porn for cinephiles.

Κάντε έρωτα στην κάμερα!

7. In Crimson (2019) Dir. Torri Lisek GER 06:52 (Eng with end closed captions)

Starring: Manon Praline, The Clyo

The Clyo and Manon Praline start in a clean sky-blue room with a huge tray of fruit. Clyo dominates Manon, spitting fruit in her face and making her eat it off the floor. As Manon gets completely splattered with fruit, she smears it back onto Clyo and they wrestle each other onto the floor. Exhausted and filthy, they end up fucking in the middle of the fruity mess which now covers the room.

Μια ερωτική φρουτοσαλάτα.

8. Scrotalus (2019) Dir. Werther Germondari IT 02:18 (No dialogue)

Starring: Dave (The Queer Slave)

Some unusual creatures come to life in their natural habitats… Περίεργα όντα ζωντανεύουν στο φυσικό τους περιβάλλον….

9. Coming Clean (2019) Dir. Ila Afterglow IT 06:15 (No Dialogue)

Starring:  Lorenda, Michele9

Coming Clean is a confession of a fetish, a multimedia stream of consciousness, a kind of psycho-erotic musical. It’s the story of a sensual synesthesia where sight and touch merge together and become a new single sense and the one who desires and what is desired are confused.

Ένας άλλος τρόπος να παίξεις με μπαλόνια

10. Progressive Touch (2019) Dir. Michael Portnoy AUT 13:00 (No dialogue)

Starring: Tizo All, Ilona Bankiraj, Marc Philipp Gabriel, Juan Felipe Amaya González, Astrid Panaken

Can you fuck to an irregular beat? Progressive Touch 1 depicts three moody, absurdist love scenes in which the goal is to “improve” sex by complicating its rhythm and choreography. Sex as dance as comedy. Enacted by three real life couples, the dancers’ every explicit move is synchronized to the propulsive, unpredictable score which borrows elements from progressive rock, trap, and math metal.

Μπορείς να γαμηθείς σε ακανόνιστο ρυθμό;

11. Brunch on Bikes (2019). Dir. Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell GER 03:42 (No dialogue)

Starring: dot bat, Torian, Ethan, Ty

Freshly-fucked foodies dial up a special delivery.  Πρωινό στο κρεβάτι από τον ντελίβερα σας.

12. Etérea (music video) (2019) Dir. Gil Inoue, Gabriel Dietrich BRA 05:01 (Brazilian with eng subs)

Starring: Ákira Avalanx, Criolo, D’Avilla, Fefa, Kiara Felippe, Flip, Transälien, Zaila Zion, Juju

8 performers from different queer collectives of São Paulo dance and perform this pro-LGBTQ anthem by Criolo. Οχτώ καλλιτέχνες από διαφορετικές queer κολεκτίβες του Σαο Πάολο πρωταγωνιστούν σε αυτό το τραγούδι του μουσικού Κριολό.

13. Roby Nude (2020) Dir. Werther Germondari IT 00:53 (English text)

Starring: Werther Germondari

An ancient / modern hero wanders through the woods… Ένας αρχαίος/μοντέρνος ήρωας τριγυρνά στα δάση!

14. Piedad (2018) Dir. Naya Pascual GER 16:27 (Spanish with eng subs)

Starring: Andrea López, Jorge Benavides, Parker Marx, Felisa me Muero

Rodolfa and Maria Antonieta, two sexworkers with a deep passion for spliffs and trap music, hang around all day at their workplace: a magic garden at an abandoned airport ground in Berlin. When their colleague Asunción suddenly appears with the corpse of a dead client, they discover how easily sexual desire can cross the borders between the living and the deceased. A tragicomedy that explores ideas never touched before… “Because death really suits some people well”!

Αν οι «Τελεταί Μπούκουραs» έκαναν πορνό.

15. Hunger (2020) Dir. Lia Smaragda & Kangela Tromokratish GRE 06:42 (German..ish no subs)

Starring: Kangela & Veronique Tromokratish

This parody of 70/80s German porn shows Greek drag queens Kangela (mother) and Veronique (daughter)dealing with hunger and famine in a creative way

Πως να καταπολεμήσετε την πείνα σας.