Hetairai Shorts Programme

Prostitution in ancient Greece was religious and commercial and it involved all classes and genders of people. The topic of sex work has been since ancient times and remains a controversial one. Each film of this programme gives a unique perspective on the matter from serious to humorous. Let’s not forget that one Greek term for prostitutes was pornai which gave rise to the term pornography.

Η πορνεία στην αρχαία Ελλάδα ήταν και θρησκευτική και εμπορική και την έκαναν όλες οι τάξεις και φύλα ανθρώπων. Το θέμα της σεξεργασίας παραμένει αμφιλεγόμενο και κάθε ταινία του προγράμματός μας δίνει μια δική της οπτική γωνία.

1. The Sex Worker’s Opera (2015) Dir. Many Valcare UK 20:00 (English with eng/gre subs)

Starring: Cast and crew of Sex Worker’s Opera, Charlotte Rose, Vera Rodriguez, Melina Antunes

A small glimpse into the award-winning repeat sellout show Sex Worker’s Opera, as performed in 2015, with interviews with three of its star cast looking into their lives doing different types of work and how they deal with stigma and the law. The show itself is 3hrs of original music and theatre, dance, jazz, arias, hip hop and spoken word based on our members stories and over 100 stories from 18 countries across 6 continents. We ran workshops, gave a talk and performed at Sound Acts in Athens in 2015.

Μια ματιά πίσω από την βραβευμένη παράσταση Sex Worker’s Opera, όπως παιζόταν το 2015.

2.  Scattered Thoughts of a Young Sex Worker (2016) Dir. Menelas GRE 13:51 (Greek with eng subs)

Starring: Lucas

The issue of sex work is one that provokes a lot of emotion and controversy. In this documentary, the first of its kind in Greece, we hear the views and opinions of a young gay sex worker in Athens today.

Σε αυτό το ντοκιμαντέρ θα ακούσετε τις σκέψεις και απόψεις ενός νεαρού gay σεξεργάτη στην Αθήνα του σήμερα.

3.  A Sex Worker’s Story (2019) Dir. Marcus Quillan UK 17:43 (English with eng subs)

Starring: Viktoria Vaar, Rooster

Real-life escort and porn performer Viktoria leads this story following a week in the life of a typical full-service sex worker, with all its variation, excitement, mundanity, and irritations, focusing on one very special client, who just gets everything right, in and (crucially) out of bed.
Shunning the typically sensationalised media accounts that obscure the nature of sex work in our collective consciousness, here we show the day-to-day details of the job that can be both more and less interesting than other more ‘normal’ vocations, and how when represented accurately, we can all find more in common with each other than we might think, sex workers and non-sex workers alike.

Μια τυπική εβδομάδα στην ζωή μιας σεξεργάτριας δοσμένη με αυθεντικότητα και χιούμορ.

4. Goddess Ckiara’s Temple (2019) Dir. Ckiara Rose, Daemon Derriere USA 26:25 (English with english subs )

Starring: Ckiara Rose, Daemon Derriere

When Gabriel, a member of a SWERF (sex-worker exclusionary radical feminist) “savior society,” poses as a client for a Pro Domme session with Goddess Ckiara, in order to “save” her from the industry, his mission does not go as planned. Instead, Goddess Ckiara ends up schooling him on his errant and disrespectful ways, in the most punishing and humiliating of manners. In this face of this punishment, will Gabriel end up repenting from his misguided SWERF allegiance, and convert towards Service to the Goddess?

Ένας φεμινιστής αρνητής των δικαιωμάτων των σεξεργατριών (SWERF) συναντά μια ντομινάτριξ με σκοπό να την σώσει από την σεξεργασία. Καλή του τύχη!