Philoxenia Shorts Programme

Philoxenia literally means love of strangers; it means eagerness to show hospitality. It was a sacred institution in ancient Greece protected by Zeus himself. Foreign guests were considered honoured and respected people. In this programme we will be hosting a fellow porn film festival to give us a selection of their local films. We start our own sacred institution with the beloved Vienna Porn Film Festival which bring us a fine smorgasbord of Austrian delicacies.

Κάθε χρόνο θα φιλοξενούμε ένα φεστιβάλ του εξωτερικού. Ξεκινάμε τον ιερό αυτό θεσμό με το αγαπημένο Vienna Porn Film Festival. Ας δοκιμάσουμε λοιπόν τα τοπικά τους προϊόντα.

1. HYSTERIA (2020) Dir. Gerald Zahn, 3’, (English)

After sex, videos of domestic cats make up some of the most viewed content on the internet.

Μετά το σεξ, τα περισσότερο ιδωμένα βίντεο είναι αυτά με γάτες.

2. Poof Paradise (2019) Dir. Berivan Sayici & Florian Aschka, 2′  (No dialogue)

A pink anus takes a trip to the fairy-tale like world of the cruising area, where colourful hands try to seduce our protagonist and communication is set to a meaningless and shallow minimum. This film is a lustful amalgam of the sweet and the bizarre.

Μια ροζ κωλοτρυπίδα πάει στον παραμυθένιο κόσμο του ψωνιστηρίου.

3. SUPERUNKNOWN (2019) Dir. Angela Christlieb, 13′ (No dialogue)

A dreamlike journey through shifting layers of consciousness. A man living in cold, sparsely furnished opulence is visited by images of a woman who may or may not be his lover. She takes the form of a hallucinogenic surface for his paranoia and isolation.

Ένα ονειρικό ταξίδι μέσα σε ένα πλουσιοπάροχο σπίτι όπου η όψη μιας γυναίκας παρεμβάλλεται. (ή τι θα συμβεί όταν σαλτάρουμε από την καραντίνα)

4. The Great Masturbatress (2019) Dir. Alexandra Zaitseva, 1′ (No dialogue)

“The great masturbatress” is a part of an art installation, which can be seen through a slit in a matryoshka-like ceramic figure was presented. It is a pornographic satire. This Short film has been featured on the biggest porn sites like,, Pornhub and others loaded. It is an artistic attack and a feminist response to the toxic masculine world of pornography.

Μια μπαμπούσκα που μέσα της κρύβει πορνό. Μια φεμινιστική απάντηση στην τοξική αρρενωπότητα του κόσμου του πορνό.

5. A Whole (2019) Dir. Maggie Fitz, 8′, (German with eng subs)

„A WHOLE“ is an intersection of queer, different abled and mediatheoretical perspectives. It’s about falling in love in times of online dating, the seeking of closeness and the wish to hide. Our protagonist is disabled and while masturbating her voice confronts the listener on the other side of the display, the other side of the screen or the world with her thoughts: How do we frame people? What is lost by possibilities? And which possibilities do limitations hold for us?

Η οθόνη ενός κινητού είναι το πλαίσιο μέσα στο οποίο χωράει ένα ανάπηρο σώμα, οι επιθυμίες του και οι πόθοι του.

6. Origin of Electricity (2020) Dir. Andreas Friedl, 4′ (No dialogue)

A meditation about the power/energy of the vulva.

Ένας διαλογισμός πάνω στην δύναμη/ενέργεια της μήτρας.

7. Water me (2019) Dir. Romina Achatz, 3′ (No dialogue)

In the super 8mm black and white experimental silent movie „Water me“ the objects of desire of a young man are the juices of life. In ravenous tenderness and passion he is touching, penetrating, eating and licking the pores of the skin and the juicy flesh of blood-oranges and pomegranates.

Τα αντικείμενα του πόθου ενός νεαρού άντρα είναι ο χυμός της ζωής.

8. The Things (I did) (2019) Dir. Pablo Trujillo, 6′ (English)

Where would you go back in time? Objects, just like people, have a memory that transports us into the past when we hold them. The things (I did) is about a personal experience narrated through the eyes of the things that we are going to leave behind someday.

Τα αντικείμενα κρατούνε μνήμες και έχουν την δύναμη να μας πάνε στο παρελθόν