Political Shorts Programme

We may not have invented politics itself but we certainly gave it its Greek name.  This powerful selection of short films reminds us that-to paraphrase the feminist slogan- the sexual is the political.

Αυτή η δυνατή επιλογή ταινιών μικρού μήκους μας θυμίζει ότι -σε παραλλαγή του φεμινιστικού σλόγκαν- το σεξουαλικό είναι και πολιτικό.

1.  Fuck the Fascism (2016) Dir. Maria Basura ESP 08:29 (Spanish with eng subs)

Starring: Maria Basura

Fuck the Fascism intends to expose the true story behind monuments which glorify genocides, tyranny and slavery; to raise public awareness about the national heroes who we praise, those men who our streets are named after, and bequeathed great wealth forged with robbery, abuse and blood.

Αποκαλύπτοντας την πραγματική ιστορία πίσω από αγάλματα που δοξάζουν γενοκτονίες, τυραννία και σκλαβιά.

2. Gynecologia Autodefensa (2019) Dir. Julia Ostertag GER (Spanish with gre subs)

Starring: Klau Kinki, Misfita Terata, Li Miauatl

Gynepunk is an autonomous research project about the history of gynecology, which opens direct practical access to a self managed DIY knowledge about our bodies as well as an active and radical proposal to give a twist to patriarchal history. Gynepunk´s goal is to create efficient and affordable medical tools to enable us to take care of our own bodies. I had the chance to meet one of the initiators Klau Kinky(trans hack activist and performance artist) in Mexico and took part in her workshop… Decolonize the female body!

Από-αποικιοκρατόντας το γυναικείο σώμα και την γυναικολογία.

3. No Democracy Here (2019) Dir. Liad Hussein Kantorowicz ISR 25:00 (Hebrew with eng subs)

Starring: Liad Hussein Kantorowicz

Liad, a lefty human rights defender dominatrix re-educates her right-wing-leaning obedient submissive slaves to follow upstanding leftist ethos and morals like freedom of movement, economical justice, direct democracy, and human rights by using domination practices such as humiliation, doggy-training, coercion, and administration of pain. It’s all consensual!

Η ιστορία μιας ντομινατρίξ που κάνει πολιτικό BDSM.

4. . Criolo – Etérea (doc) (2019). Dir. Tino Monetti, Pedro Inoue BRA 08:57 (Brazilian with eng/gre subs)

Starring: Ákira Avalanx, Criolo, D’Avilla, Fefa, Kiara Felippe, Flip, Transälien, Zaila Zion, Juju

8 performers from different queer collectives of São Paulo dance and perform a pro-LGBTQ anthem by Criolo this is their story. Οχτώ καλλιτέχνες από διαφορετικές queer κολεκτίβες του Σαο Πάολο πρωταγωνιστούν σε αυτό το τραγούδι του μουσικού Κριολό, αυτή είναι η ιστορία τους.

5. The Sewers of Heterosexuality (2018) Dir.Marianne Chargois FRA 11:26 (French with eng subs)

Starring: Marianne Chargois

Marianne Chargois has been a professional Dominatrix for 10 years and documents her practice from the inside through various sound and video recordings. Taking as a starting point the fetishisms she practices most with the clients, namely enemas, fist fucking, and urethral probes, she develops an analysis on toxic and dominant masculinities, their possible subversions, as well as her vision of sex work as a place of economic autonomy and empowerment of minorities. Between documentary, obscenity and analysis of practices, the video art the Sewers of Heterosexuality is a love manifesto to all hoe’s of the world.

Ένα ερωτικό μανιφέστο για όλες τις τσούλες της γης.