Prometheus Shorts Programme

The titan Prometheus was bound on a rock and tormented daily by Zeus’s eagle as punishment for stealing fire from the Gods and giving it to humans. We think he might have enjoyed it a little and named him patron of our BDSM film selection.

Ο Προμηθέας Δεσμώτης είναι ο προστάτης των ταινιών BDSM και καλά κάνει.

1. Faithful dogs (2019) Dir. Von Ferro ESP 30:38 (English with eng subs)

Starring: Lupa Vaux & Master Aaron

In a near future, the International Court of Justice for Animal Rights gives animals the same rights as humans, making illegal to have pets or to raise cattle among other practices. In this international context, many people volunteer to become the pets of their partners. They receive the same training methods that applied to dogs, the most faithful animal to the human being. FAITHFUL DOGS is the story of one of these dog trainers, who works educating them in her training center, to turn them into the perfect domestic and sexual partners of their companions.

Θα γινόσασταν το κατοικίδιο του εραστή σας;

2. Bacchanalia (2019) Dir. Doxytocine IT 07:50 (Latin with eng subs)

Starring: *spir@lena*, Candy Flip, Finn Peaks, Mahx Capacity, Marta Rot

Mysterious nocturnal gatherings have been unsettling the good citizens of Rome for quite some time, stories of immoralities of all kinds are being whispered behind closed doors.
While the senate tries to regain control over the events, not everyone is repelled by what they hear. BACCHANALIA follows one curious soul on their quest for the rite of the God of wine, drunkenness and ecstasy.

Μια αναζήτηση του θεού του κρασιού, του μεθυσιού και της έκστασης σε άπταιστα λατινικά.

3. Gender Beast (2019) Dir. Turita Q, Eris ITA 08:15 (No dialogue)

Starring: Turita Q, Eris

A playful exchange between a queer creature and an unusual human, leaves them transformed.  This short movie, builds on post porn themes, plays with wild imagination and sadism throught the tool of shared pleasure.

Μια παιχνιδιάρικη συναλλαγή μεταξύ ενός queer πλάσματος και μιας αλλιώτικης ανθρώπου τους αφήνει μεταλλαγμένους.

4. Shattered (2019) Dir. Salty GER 05:14 (No dialogue)

Starring: Caritia & Manon Praline

How many queers do you need to change a light bulb? Πόσα queer άτομα χρειάζονται για να αλλάξουν μια λάμπα;

5. Walking A Fine Line (2019) Dir. Meti Oker CHE 04:19 (No Dialogue)

Starring: abcde Flash, Adrien P., Matis d’Arc, Naïd Vaké, Spam Arfitt 

`Walking A Fine Line` is the celebration of one person’s sexploratory journey. abcde Flash, the film’s creator and protagonist, approached a sex worker less than a year ago with the wish to be guided towards new thrills, challenges and boundaries with her curiosity leading the way. The maze-like tattoo roping around the side of her body is a reflection of the journey she has been on and is still on – an obscure but playful line with no clear beginning or end, a line that sneaks its way throughout the film in different forms and moods. The film is not just the milestone of one woman’s sexual journey but also the result of it.

Το ερωτικό ταξίδι μιας γυναίκας στον κόσμο του BSDM.

6. You Were Warned (2019) Dir. Torri Lisek GER 06:49 (English with eng CC)

Starring: Manon Praline, Nina Scum

Manon Praline and Nina Scum have been apart for a long time, thinking longingly of the BDSM sessions they did together in the past. In this scene they reunite to play out an intense BDSM scene. Nina is strapped into a harness and their arms are placed into leather restraints. Manon flogs them, spanks them, slaps them in the face and torments them with clothes pegs. After the torments, Manon pins Nina to the sofa and fucks them roughly.

Ένα τρυφερό BDSM παιχνίδι μεταξύ εραστών.

7. A Bondage Landscape (2019) Dir. DjPan Koumpare CYP 17:27 (No dialogue)

Starring: Pleasure Fields, Debbie

An unexpected adventure appears for Debbie to explore Fetishism in a natural setting under the subversive authority of the Rigger (Nawashi). Together they invite us to witness their exploration for the maximum pleasure. Cyprus’ first official BDSM short.

Το πρώτο BDSM ταινιάκι της Κύπρου μας ταξιδεύει σ’ ένα όμορφο τοπίο.

8. Bonds (2018) Dir. Marileo Horse IT 08:40 (Italian with eng subs)

Starring: Marileo, Electra, Medusa, Giulia

Leo, as a man, becomes a woman to fulfil his Miss desire. But miss Electra will not be satisfied even with female symbiotic slavery nor with open slavery… Miss continues to remain perpetually unhappy and dissatisfied. Finally Leo decides to turn into … an animal … to satisfy her.. Μέχρι που θα φτάνατε για να ικανοποιήσετε την Κυρία σας;

9. Subliminal Anatomy of a Latex Coat (2016) Dir. Merve Tuna TUR 06:28 (No dialogue)

Subliminal Anatomy of a Latex Coat is a film in which a black latex coat is used as a vehicle for bringing out the fetishistic side of ordinary lives. Undertaking a quest for submission and dominance, the film redefines beauty salon, butchers, metal workshop and domestic streets as personal spaces of the real life characters. Through these it shows obsessive, painful, pleasant, filthy and beautiful sides of the ordinary.

Ένα μαύρο λάτεξ παλτό μας δείχνει την φετιχιστική πλευρά της καθημερινότητας.

10. Flower Market (2020) Dir. My Baby all Gone GRE/UK (English with eng CC)

Starring: My baby all Gone/ Wisely

A sadomasochistic dreamscape which follows a women’s vivid fantasy of being gang-banged at a wholesale flower market. The film watches a female protagonist take agency over her submissive fantasy whilst she masturbates.

Η φαντασίωση μιας γυναίκας να παρτουζωθεί στα λουλουδάδικα της Αθήνας.

11. Lamento della ninfa (2018) Dir Matock FRA 06:40 (No dialogue)

Starring: Zoé Gold and Martin Poppins

“No me tormenti piu, no me tormenti piu… ” or the meeting between BDSM and a baroque song. This aria from Monteverdi’s lamentations of the nymph (“lamento della ninfa”) is usually sung by a tenor woman’s voice. Monteverdi’s betrayed nymph is performed here by Martin Poppins, in a domination session with Zoé Gold. What is at stake in this unusual relationship? Is this a BDSM performance metaphor? Is it a « becoming a nymph »?

«No me tormenti piu…» μια συνάντηση μεταξύ του BDSM και ενός μπαρόκ τραγουδιού.