International Fiction Short 22


Performance group ANOSIA will be judging this year’s International Short Fiction award.

International Fiction Short 2022 nominees:

  1. Genderfluid by Elisa Monteil (she/her), Laure Giappiconi (she/her) & La Fille Renne (they/them)
  2. Freedom X by Devolar (he/him)
  3. Auntie Fernanda by Neoza Goffin (she/her)
  4. Dance Destroy Create by Thousand Faces
  5. Thomas Outside by Grunvold and Antonio DaSilva
  6. Input Error by Katy Bit (she/her), Iris Glitzer (they/them) 
  7. The Birth of Venus by Four Chambers
  8. Orlandos by Julz Ritschel (they/them)

The winner is:

Thomas Outside