Outings 22

We like to get out and connect with you on various smaller screenings// Μας αρέσει να διοργανώνουμε μικρές προβολές καθ όλη την διάρκεια του χρόνου:

  1. Next of Kin 22nd of January Kin Kibbutz, Athens
  2. Freedom or The Binary 25th of March Kin Kibbutz, Athens
  3. Female Mysteries of the Universe 9th of April, Lalava Workshop, Athens
  4. Satyrs and Maenads Porn Shorts 23rd of April, Porn Film Festival Vienna
  5. WET, 13/14, 20/21 May, Cantina Social, The Queer Archive Festival
  6. Family Vacations, 26th of May, Downtown 8, Athens
  7. Ganymede Shorts-Big Bar Edition 22, 26th of June, Big Bar Athens, Falaisias 12, Athens
  8. Hellenic Shorts +3, 6th November, Romantso, Athens.